Frequently Asked Questions

Is Income Passport Proven?

Yes, Income Passport now works directly with numerous U.S. state and local agencies as their partner to verify income, with a particular focus on 1099/gig and mixed-earners.

Who Created Income Passport?

Steady, a technology company backed by many of the world’s top social impact investors who helps over 3M hourly and 1099 workers to increase their incomes, build Income Passport during the COVID-19 pandemic off of Steady’s patented technology, when it saw how difficult it was for public and private sector agencies and companies to quickly, accurately and easily verify income for 1099/gig and mixed-earners.

What is This?

This is a verified income report intended to streamline the process to verify the income of claimants/applicants.

Where Does the Data Come From?

The data comes directly from the deposit accounts and gig accounts connected to Income Passport by the Claimant/Applicant.

How Do I Know This is The Claimant's/Applicant’s Data?

You will find the name on the account(s), directly from the deposit account and/or gig platform, included on the report.

Can a Claimant/Applicant Alter this Report Within the Income Passport System?

A Claimant/Applicant cannot alter the income data in this report. If expenses are included, the Claimant/Applicant manually enters the expenses.

Can These Accounts be Hacked?

When linking to Income Passport, a Claimant/Applicant must enter their user name/password for the linked accounts in a security SDK and typically go through two-factor authentication and mobile verification. This technology is very similar to using, TurboTax or any other platform where you link your accounts.

Can the Data in the Linked Accounts be Manipulated?

The transaction data in linked accounts cannot be manipulated. It is as if you logged onto your own bank account and looked at your deposit history and Income Passport reviews that deposit history, identifying the source of those deposits by Payer.

Can I Verify that the Submitted Report is Accurate and has Not Been Manipulated?

Yes, please email with the verification request and a call back # and we will call you to verify the legitimacy of the report.

Can I Work Directly With Income Passport to Directly Receive Reports and Direct My Claimants/Applicants to You for Income Verification?

Yes, please email and we will respond to set a time to discuss.